This is a question that I get asked a lot, and the answer really depends on the kind of person. You really need to ask yourself 2 questions. The best time of year to travel and save money, or the best time of year to just “Travel.” Because if you want know when the best time to save money then the answer would be to travel in the off-season of travel for that particular country you would like to visit, and that is most likely in fall, winter and spring. During this time period the prices of everything from flights and hotels, to Museums and Attractions are literally 50% of the price. But at the same time if you are someone who loves being around tons of people and laying on the beach in summer then you just need to understand that the prices will just be a little more expensive during that time of year.

     Now if you just want to know the best time to travel in general, the answer is anytime you can. I am a firm believer that anytime you have the opportunity to travel, you should, even if it will cost you a little more money, the opportunity is priceless and I believe that people can money at anytime, but to have the time to travel, that is something that cannot be done at just anytime. So if you have the chance to travel do it, maybe it will cost you a little more, but know that experience you gain from it will be unforgettable! Now go out and enjoy 🙂