Now I am no expert when it comes to speaking other languages, but speaking 3 languages has taught me a thing or 2 about tricks to learning them. And whether you are visiting a foreign country for a few days or a few weeks, learning the language is always a great idea, and here are a few things I have learned that will help you speed up that process.

     I have a friend who played basketball in China and he told me the first word he was taught, even though he had a translator with him all the time, was “Excuse me.” This is very important because this excuses you, and at the same time, it gets peoples attention. After this word it is best to learn the beginning of phrases. Such as ‘I would like,’ ‘I have,’ ‘I want,’ and ‘how much.’ These are so important because by doing this, you can str building sentences by just adding the important word at the end of that phrase.

     So that should get you through the basics, and after that don’t underestimate the power of App!! I personally use ‘google translate’ and I download the offline version. And this will really help you.

     And if you will be spending more than a week in any place that you wish to learn the language I recommend  you learn 2 new words a day, and after you learn these words, you use them 3 times that day. This is the trick I have used that has allowed me to speed up the process of learning languages and I hope this will help you all as well!!