If you would have asked me at the beginning of my basketball career, I would have said to have no weaknesses and to work hard at making sure you don’t have any. Now in my 11th pro season (at the time of me writing this article) I would say no matter what you do, you will always have weaknesses, so give everything to make your strengths as strong as they can be. I learned this because most teams, at least here on the pro level, they need players to fill specific roles. And in my experience every team I have been on, people have been very good at their role.

For example, me personally I can do a lot of things well I think in my opinion, and all that is great, but when a team asks about me, they usually want to know what it is that I do well, so then they can decide if I fit on a role on their team. Now I use myself as an example, but this is true for almost every player! If you are someone who scores, then get better at it, a rebounder? Get better at that! It is really that simple. If I had to give you a mathematical equation, I would say to give 70% of your time to working on your strengths, and the other 30% of your time to working on your weaknesses.

One way that I have always looked at it is: This team is taking me for me scoring and rebounding, but I have been improving on so many other things that it will be a surprise to them and they will be so glad they have me on the team. Now this was not me being cocky, it was just saying that I was always working on everything. And they secret to all of this is understanding that as soon as you have mastered your strengths, then you can start to add more time on your weaknesses, and before you know it, your weaknesses and strengths are hard to tell apart! Confusing I know, but the more things you can do, the higher your value as a player, but the key is making sure that it is always revolving around your strengths! Good luck my friend!