Going to college is a big debatable question in this day and age we live in now. For academics I think it is best to really think if you need college, but for an athlete I think it is a great deal!! First reason is because one of the most important things you need, especially for a young athlete, is to have a place to work on your skills, and to get taught new skills. College is perfect for this, and not because of the coaching staff and trainers, but because you can learn other things from the players that you will play with during the season. College will also teach you discipline, and these are the habits that you will carry with you for the rest of you career as an athlete and into life as well. Exposure is another critical thing that you always need. For example, you can be the best athlete and basketball player in the world, but if nobody knows about you then it will be a little difficult for your to move to the next level. But not only will you get exposure, but you will get quality exposure, meaning that you will have official video of you playing, and it will be in an official setting and not just a pick-up game on the street. You also will have a chance to prove yourself against quality competition and be recognized for the work that you do, meaning awards, national recognition and all these playa big role in helping you make it to the next level. In college you all also be building to your resume. Meaning that all of your accomplishments will be noted in stone forever and you can use them as leverage when talking to agents and trying to find a team after college if you so choose. And for the final and probably best reason, and one that will make your family happy, is that you will get a FREE EDUCATION! To the best of my knowledge, mostly every college gives a full scholarship to basketball players, at least in NCAA Division 1, Division 2, NAIA Division 1 and Division 2. I personally played in NAIA Division 1 and was given a 5 year scholarship, and my university is $29,000 a year!! So you can imagine how much money was saved, and experience in basketball gained. That is just my example, I am sure there are thousands of other stories of athletes going to even more expensive schools for free, and even if they didn’t go on to play pro ball after, they received a free education.

Now everything I have mentioned applies to you even if you are not American, and not living in the United States, you just will just have to reach out to more universities. And try to reach out to the University who has a good reputation for recruiting for foreign players and you will off to a great start. Just don’t let one no turn you away from your dreams, keep trying keep applying and something will work out.

So I hope this helps you all understand how going to University can really help you all on your journey, and if you you have any questions, always feel free to reach out and ask questions. Wishing you all the best of luck!