Now depending on who you ask this question, the answers can differ greatly. And for every reason someone says one answer, you must know that the opposite is also true. Back in 2004 when I started playing in University, weights was a 3x a week thing for us. And I mean weights weights, like in a weight room with heavy and at times complicated lifts. Now at the time of writing this article, it is 2018 and I am in my 11 year as a pro athlete and things have really changed from back when I started.

So much of our training now is core, resistance and stability exercises. Although we do do weights as well, the ratio from resistance training to weight too training is about 3:1. And this is mostly in part to the game of basketball changing the last few years.

10 years ago, if you were bigger and stronger, then you would dominate without a doubt. But now the game of basketball is about the ability to move, be agile, and being able to run up and down the floor at a very fast pace. So not that being big and powerful isn’t a benefit, but with the speed and tempo of the game now, it will be much more in your benefit to be leaner and faster than bigger and slower.

And if you look at the top 25 athletes now, there is one overall theme to them all. . .  LEAN LEAN LEAN LEAN.

So my advice when it come to weights is to it is important for your muscles and for their endurance, but understand that big and bulky is no longer a huge advantage in the game of basketball in my opinion. Being lean, strong and being able to move is much more advantageous. So train your core, get faster, and get lean, and you will be on the right path to where this game of basketball is heading. And good luck!!