I know this sounds like a easy easy but trust me, its not. Just because you or someone that you know is a good player does not guarantee anything. There are good players everywhere! So if you think just because you or someone you know is a good player, or that you deserve to make it on a certain team, or even to become a pro athlete then I believe that it is a mistake. If you really want to stand out and make your mark then you have to be more than a good player. I am not saying that you have to be the best player, but you absolutely must be the best player that you can be. To break it down even more, if I were to ask you, what is the one thing that you do very well as an athlete? Would you have the answer? This is an important thing to know because many teams don’t necessarily need a player that can do “everything,” they will look for 1 or 2 qualities that they need on their team and they will find players who have those capabilities. So please don’t settle for being just a good player, or thinking that if you are a good player that it will mean success. And one thing to remember is that there are many many very good players who are sitting at home right now because being good wasn’t enough. So keep working on your skills, keep training your body, and become the best player that you can be, and you will see that it is much better than being just a “good player.”