Do you give yourself credit for being you? Do you remember how amazing you are and how far you’ve come?

Be enough for you. I have no idea where we all got the notion that we need more to be worthy. Yet millions of people struggle with proving and feeling good enough. We don’t need to be enough – we need to embrace ourselves and give ourselves unconditional love.

Celebrate yourself. When was the last time you did something and then celebrated yourself; not on your birthday, anniversary or vacation but during regular day to day life? Celebrating can look like many things; the main point is not how you celebrate but that you honor yourself for something you did. Basically, you are showing up for yourself by saying “yes, I did something and I deserve to feel good about it.”

Create your own definition of success, beauty, and happiness. What is the standard that you are constantly driving towards in life? This life is about you and you get to choose what you’re aiming for. Sit down for 5 minutes and write your own definitions.

March to the beat of your own drum. Once you create our own unique definitions, you can begin practicing and letting yourself lead the way.

Know that you’re human. Being human means you are a part of this life experience and there are certain challenges, fears and emotions you must experience. Rather than trying to avoid it, start to accept it. Certain feelings are along for the ride – the entire ride.

Become your own best friend. Treat and speak to yourself the way you would to your bestie. Begin to know and love yourself so much that when all the negative self-talk arises you are aware of it and shut it down!

Allow yourself play and pleasure. Do you ever feel like you are waiting for your next vacation to relax? Why do we need to wait till summer to have fun? Having fun is a part of living in the now and before you ask, YES, you deserve it. Think of one thing that brings you joy and do it!

Remind yourself daily who you are. This may sound silly but remembering who you are deep down can be tough. We get wrapped up in our head and in comparison, that we honestly forget how magnificent we are. Take a moment to write down who you are deep down – not what you do, where you live or any titles. Begin with I AM…

I hope this guides you in beginning to cut yourself some slack and give yourself the credit you deserve. Without even knowing you, I can imagine how much effort, love and tears have gone into your life experience and I thank you for being you.