Wanting something you know you deserve is perfectly okay. If you’re settled in a relationship that does not make you happy anymore, settled for a job you know you don’t have passion for, and just settling for anything you know you don’t deserve, then you’re on the wrong side of life.

Well, we can’t judge people who are settling because we don’t know what they’re going through. But, as much as possible if you can, don’t settle for less.

Settling is not a good thing.

Settling means denying yourself the opportunity to experience life as it was meant to be for you. The fulfillment, freedom, happiness, and all the things you should be having. You know you’re settling for less when you don’t get as much of these things than you were meant to have.

You are meant for more. You are just holding yourself back. You don’t have to remain that way.

So, how to not settle for less?

You have to begin by believing you were created for more. If this was not true, you would not have that desire you now have. Do not be burned in the past and be fearful to try again. What’s happening is that you think too much of the results you want that are not coming to you and you get tired. It’s okay to be tired but settling and not moving forward isn’t. Do not listen to the wrong voices that are telling you to give up. 

Some people today are saying:

“If I had settled I would not have my Masters Degree”

“If I had settled I would have not met the love of my life”

“If I had settled I wouldn’t have everything I could ever want right now.”

And this list goes on. 

Stop listening and believing the lies of those who want you down. Instead, surround yourself with people who are pushing you up to become the best version of yourself. 

Realizing that you are settling is the beginning of a process that unlocks a life that is entirely your own. Getting there requires embracing your fears, however, embracing all the other facets of the journey both hard and easy; pleasant and unpleasant.

Have you ever realized that you were unhappy with your life and instead of making a change, you said something like this: 

“I hate my job but should be happy I have a job at all.”

“I don’t make enough to really enjoy life, but at least I have food on the table.”

“He lies to me but at least I have someone to spend my time with.” (Ladies… WHY!)

This is often masked as being appreciative or grateful for the things that you have. The reality is you can be grateful for what you have while understanding that you deserve more. 

Think about that guy who’s constantly lying to you. You can be grateful that he’s great company and still let him know that you deserve someone you can trust. This lets him know that you appreciate the time together and gives him the chance to make a change. 

The moment you can be honest about those areas in your life where you deserve more, the closer you can get to get what you really want. 

You’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.


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