I am sure many of you enjoy being on instagram and scrolling, liking, posting, following and trying out just about every filter there is possible. But I believe the most valuable thing for you and I that instagram has, is its ability to go LIVE.

Now I know it sounds like a scary thing to do, and trust me, in the beginning it is. . . . but it is 100% worth it for many reasons.


     Yes it can be uncomfortable, and when you take into consideration that every mistake you make is being seen by everyone LIVE. And that is exactly why it is so amazing, because it is in the ‘discomfort’ that growth happens. And to know that you can grow as a person by simple using a social media application that is FREE, just makes it even better.


     This is something that means the world to me, and I think can really show you the true power of social media. The ability to bring people together is something that still blows my mind, but it can sometimes be lost in our posts, likes, and follows. It can be difficult to respond to every comment, reply to every message, but what you can do is just go on Instagram Live for a few minutes and connect with your audience that way. And the best part is that many people are not doing that, so you will stand out to you your followers as someone who actually cares about more than just their likes and follows. More importantly everyone wants to feel like they are cared about, and by giving your most valuable asset (time) for just a few moments will set you apart from most other people on Instagram.


     ‘Being ready for anything’ has never stood more true than when speaking on Instagram Live, and that is because that is exactly what you have to be ready for! While you are trying to speak and talk about something important, there will usually be people who asks crazy questions, or too personal of a question, or a bunch or other things that will kind of throw you off track. But that is where by speaking on Instagram Live multiple times you will learn how to deal with it. After a few times of being on live you learn how to deal with those kind of things, and know how to deal with it in a calm relaxing way, and that is the ultimate definition of staying calm under pressure.


     At the moment I make daily vlogs, and at the same time I have a daily podcast as well, so I am basically talking all the time, but nothing has made me a better speaker than going on Instagram Live. Even to this day I am not sure what exactly it is about Live that made my speaking better, I think maybe it is the fact that there are not re-takes, no editing, you have to say it right, and right the first time. Now at the same time this does not usually happen, but you learn how to work around the mistakes, and stay focused on what you are saying, while thinking of the next thing to say, while at the same time reading the questions and comments people are writing while you are talking. So I think it is all these reasons combined that make you a better speaker. Also this is what makes going on Instagram Live totally worth it.


     So, should you do INSTAGRAM LIVE? ABSOLUTELY!!! Lastly I know you are probably wondering when is the best time to do Instagram Live . . . . . I will tell you. . . . . Right Now 🙂

So go out there and enjoy the uncomfortable, embrace the awkward moments, and enjoy the growth as you will see it happening just after you first Instagram Live session!!! Enjoy!! And maybe see you in a live session soon @Lukelifecharms 😉