Skipping the year 2020 is like skipping your class, you miss all the lessons and you wouldn’t be able to prepare for the next class. Would that be fine with you?

Skipping a year might be something that’s not literally possible but let’s talk about it like it’s doable as skipping a class. How bad can it be, right? Year 2020, for some, has given us nothing but canceled plans, pending works, heartaches, and a total life pause. But do these things really outweigh the importance of going through the year? 

Let me tell you what’s right, it’s completely fine to think of wanting to sleep until this year ends and wake up somewhere in 2021. We all want a better year than this. But, this year has so many lessons we can learn if we just have the courage and motivation to look closely. These are reasons why we must go through this year and come out strong:

Just like not skipping a class, you’ll have less work on the run. The more you go to a class the less extra work you have to do. So the more you become optimistic about going through each day of this year, the fewer things you have to worry for the next year to come because you’ve done them this year, or, if there are plans for next year then it would be much easier to do because you were prepared now.

Sleeping through the year might cause you to miss out on important lessons. Now this is what matters the most. 

In reality, what we are learning is that we are human. But most importantly, that the future and the present are out of our control. And that we must learn to embrace whatever is destined for us and trust in the process.

Because after all, we have to read every chapter and meet every character. We can’t just skip to the “good” part of life, and we wouldn’t want to because it is in our hardest moments that we learn who we are and what we are capable of.

Without suffering we would never know peace. Without effort, we can never feel pride. Without time we could never learn the power of hope and the pain of patience.

Because when we finally reach our end goal, we won’t remember the easy moments. We will remember the moments that nearly brought us to our knees. We will remember the days where we almost gave up but somehow tried again.

So even if today feels like it might kill you, and even if you don’t believe you can achieve your goals regardless of how far out, I hope you might find peace in knowing that you are closer today than you were yesterday.

But most importantly, that in order to grow and in order to one day say with pride that you made it, you first must take the time to read the day/line in front of you. After all, it just might be your favorite chapter yet.

Most of us wish we could go back and skip some of the tough chapters. But, what would have happened if we had done so? Would we still be the person we are now? Of course we wouldn’t. Which chapters made us who we are?  Which chapters were just fluff?  Without those tough chapters, we would not have learned — about strength, about courage, about love, about losing, about envy, about fun, about sadness, about winning.

Without having experienced these chapters, we would all be a bunch of spoiled, spineless people who think of no one but ourselves. We want to think that if we only had good in our lives, we would always do good in our lives. Very few people can live up to those expectations.

We are a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly. And that’s totally okay.