Now this will vary from person to person, but for me the answer is pretty easy, ADAPTING. When you first arrive overseas there will be a lot things that are thrown you way that you aren’t used to probably, and the quicker you can adapt, the better you will do. Here are a few just for starters: FOOD, LANGUAGE, NEW CITY/COUNTRY,  CULTURE, RULES, LIFESTYLE, THE BRANDS AND STORES, and I could keep going on, and I have not even the most important thing as far as your team is concerned. . . Your adaptation to the teams as the “new player.”

     I could go off and say the best way to deal with each and every one of these, but I will keep it simple and say how you can apply one method to each and every one of these and it will help you dearly, well it least it has helped me.

     The rule is pretty simple: You must unlearn what you have learned. Meaning that you might see the food the first time and not understand how anyone could eat that, but in that culture that is a normal thing. Next maybe you have played a different style of basketball before you came to this country, but that doesn’t matter because you need to play the style that is needed of you on that team. You may find the way the of life is much different in this new country (such as in Spain of everyone eating dinner from around 9pm-11pm). Or such as driving on the other side of the road (such as in England and Australia). And all theses things are things you will need to adapt to, and the faster you do, the better off you will be.

     So applying the rule of unlearning what you have learned you will be helped out greatly. Because we are all tough by where we are from, how things normally are, but what we are not always taught is that it is totally different in other parts of the world. Such as food in eaten with you hands in some places, everyone takes naps from 12-2 is other places, people greet each other with 3 kisses in others, and this is only to name a few, so the faster you are able to adapt to your surroundings and environment, the better off you will be. And remember it is not the biggest and the strongest that survive. . . . it is the one that is able to adapt to change the best. Good Luck!