This is one trick that I was taught early in my career, and I can honestly that it is the one thing that has probably helped me more that any other lesson I have learned being a pro athlete. So I hope this will help you out the same.

Early in my career me and my team just arrived at a game after a long 6 hour travel there and lets just say after the long trip we all were not feeling 100%. About 5 minutes into our warm up, my good friend and team captain (also 7 years older than me) asked if I was okay, because he saw I was not at my normal high energy self, and I told him I was fine. About 2 minutes later he stopped warming up and called me over to the side and gave me some information that I will never forget. He said something along the lines of this, “Luke I know you are tired and so am I, but listen, if you just start to run fast and get a good warm up in, then you will trick your body into thinking that you are 100% and then you will be fine.’’

And wow can I tell you this worked!! I stated running faster in the warm up and jumping higher and after about 3 minutes I felt great. To this day I can’t remember how the game went, but that lesson I learned has stuck with me, and I am reminded of it anytime I am feeling at a low energy and it something I always try to share with people when I see them in the same situation. So I hope this will help you all out as well!!!! The mind is much stronger than the body, so realize if you can psych the mind out, the body will follow!! Good luck!!