If I had to summarize this entire article, I could do it with 1 word. RESULTS. When it comes to an agent, this is the most important thing! And results mean that he is getting you Contracts with teams. This is the most important thing. And the second most important thing is the communication that you have with them. Your agent should be available for you to speak with 24/7, especially if you are overseas. One thing I have realized over the years is that if I leave a voicemail with an agent and they don’t respond back within 24 hours, then this is very unprofessional.

     So when you first start talking to agents, most of them all will say the same thing, “sign with me.” And in the beginning of my career I gave into that because it made me feel good to say I was signed with an agent. But as I said before, the most important thing is RESULTS. And signing with one agent means that you are relying on 1 agent to get you results, and if they don’t come thru, then you are left to work a 9-5 while they go on living their normal life. So looking back on everything now, I would have not have signed with an agent until they got me a contract. And this is what I did after the 2 months of not getting a pro contract.

     Now an agent want to sign you a lot of time so they can be sure that they secure the commission if they get you a job, and they have the security knowing that they don’t have to worry about another agent getting that commission. Now there is no “proof” of this, and not every agent does this, but after my first 5 years or working with different agents, this is the conclusion that I discovered.

     Also one of the things that I would say to an agent was that when they presented me with a contract with a team then I would sign with them. I found that this worked the best because it kept them motivated and working hard to get me a contract, and it also allowed me to talk with other agents as well, which I felt increased my chances of being signed. On that note you have to be careful doing this because maybe you will have 2 agents that will talk to the same teams, and that makes things very unprofessional on your part. So what you will want to do it is to talk to an agent that only talks to teams in certain countries, and then talk to other agents who work with teams in other countries, and this way you are getting your name out there all around the world.

     So all this info should help you get started and I wish you all the best of luck!

     Just little finally note, I will talk about the price of agents in another article, but just know that it is the team that pays the agent, NOT YOU!