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    I’ve had the privelege of discovering new home’s all over the world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that home is where your heart is. And people touch your heart everywhere, which means you can find a home anywhere.





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    There are always life lessons all around us in our daily lives that we don’t always see. And one of the biggest things in my life while growing up was my dog/ best friend Skippy. And here are 23 of the most powerful life lessons I learned from him, and I hope they will help you all as well!! 

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    4 Reasons YOU should go on INSTAGRAM LIVE!!

         I am sure many of you enjoy being on instagram and scrolling, liking, posting, following and trying out just about every filter there is possible. But I believe the most valuable thing for you and I that instagram has, is its ability to go LIVE. Now I know it...

    How to Choose an Agent

               If I had to summarize this entire article, I could do it with 1 word. RESULTS. When it comes to an agent, this is the most important thing! And results mean that he is getting you Contracts with teams. This is the most important thing. And the second most...

    The most difficult part of playing overseas. . .

              Now this will vary from person to person, but for me the answer is pretty easy, ADAPTING. When you first arrive overseas there will be a lot things that are thrown you way that you aren't used to probably, and the quicker you can adapt, the better you will...

    Do YOU REALLY want to be a Pro?

         Every week I get emails and messages from people saying that they are really good player and they want to become a pro. Each time I am asked this question I always wonder if they know what it really takes to be a pro.      First of all, if I were to say that it...

    What you should expect from the Team?

           A big question that I am asked all the time about playing overseas is, what kind of things should I expect from a team, and this is never an easy answer. Now there will be individual article about all of these things in the future, but here I will lay out...

    Language Hacks

         Now I am no expert when it comes to speaking other languages, but speaking 3 languages has taught me a thing or 2 about tricks to learning them. And whether you are visiting a foreign country for a few days or a few weeks, learning the language is always a great...