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    I’ve had the privelege of discovering new home’s all over the world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that home is where your heart is. And people touch your heart everywhere, which means you can find a home anywhere.





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    There are always life lessons all around us in our daily lives that we don’t always see. And one of the biggest things in my life while growing up was my dog/ best friend Skippy. And here are 23 of the most powerful life lessons I learned from him, and I hope they will help you all as well!! 

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    Speak Your Truth Some people feel confident voicing their opinions under any circumstances. For the rest of us, there’s often a certain amount of anxiety — or even dread — that comes from articulating points of view we suspect will be unpopular among family, friends...


    If you want to change your circumstances, you need to change the way you think. You have to stop believing that you are stuck in your situation and passively accepting that you’re incapable of doing anything about it. Many people allow themselves to be caged by their...


    Recognizing The Patterns In Your Life Do you find yourself caught in certain loops in life? Situations that keep happening which you can’t help but wonder “Not again!” or “Why me”? For most people, whenever something negative happens, their first instinct is to brush...

    It’s Okay To Not Have Everything Figured Out

    Nobody Knows What They’re Doing And Neither Do You When you were in grade school, you dreamt of being in middle school. When you were in middle school, you dreamt of being in high school. After high school, you figured you’d go to college, get your degree, find a...


    Do you give yourself credit for being you? Do you remember how amazing you are and how far you’ve come? Be enough for you. I have no idea where we all got the notion that we need more to be worthy. Yet millions of people struggle with proving and feeling good enough....


    There’s a unique and unmistakable power in knowing, becoming, and being your real self. Those who are truly happy in life understand this power and vehemently stick to their authentic selves. To be authentic is not to allow a situation or person to change you, unless...